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You can access your main FTP account:

1. Using cPanel account login details (default FTP account)

2. Can create additional FTP account via cPanel (add-on FTP account)

Important When you use cPanel username and password you get access to all directories of your account. If you want to connect to a particular directory only or grant someone an access to a particular directory only, add-on FTP comes in handy.''

Basic FTP settings

Host: use your domain (without http://www) or server IP address

Username: cPanel username (for default FTP account); (for additional FTP accounts)

- to check add-on FTP account name please go to cPanel > Files > FTP accounts

Password: cPanel password for default FTP account); add-on FTP account password (can be reset cPanel > Files > FTP Accounts > Change password)

Port: standard FTP port we use is 21. If you are connecting via SFTP please use 65321 (SSH access must be enabled)

Below you can find links to tutorials for the most popular FTP clients







  1. Press button "FTP"
    Total com step1.png

  2. Choose the "New connection"
    Total com step2.png

  3. Enter name of session, hostname, username and password
    Total com step3.png

  4. Choose your connection and press "Connect"
    Total com step4.png

  5. You are connected...
    Total com step5.png


For your convenience you can configure your FTP client via Site Manager menu once and for all regardless of whether you have multiple domains or just one home page.

  1. Go to File > Site Manager > New site to a add site Filezila 1.png
  2. The other important tab in Site Manager that cannot be missed is 'Transfer settings' Make sure passive mode is enabled and simultaneous connections are set to 2.
    Filezila 2.png
  3. As soon as you are done you can easily connect to your site in one click using Site Manager button on FileZilla toolbar Filezila 3.png If you do not wish to save your settings, you can simply type host, username and password in the main window and click 'Quickconnect' Still make sure that your FTP client is in Passive mode and 2 connections are set Go to Edit > Settings Filezila 4.png Filezila 5.png
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