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Thank you for choosing BurnTheEarth as your trusted host. We appreciate having cool people like you around, so we'll do everything we can to provide you with inexpensive, reliable and helpful web hosting service. When your hosting account is ready to be used the welcome email is immediately sent to you. Reading this email can make your life a lot easier. You will feel like a smarter person after reading it and following its instructions. Not reading it can mean you waste a lot of your time going back and forth with tech support instead of working and/or actually enjoying your life. We don't want that for you at all. If you have any issues with these instructions, just give us a shout at our HelpDesk


First Things First: Point Your Domain Servers Our Way

If you got a free domain when you signed up for hosting with us, congrats. Your domain is already pointed to our servers and you get to skip ahead to setting up cPanel.

If not, contact your domain Registrar and tell them to change the domain's nameservers to ones from your welcome email.

If you bought a reseller plan and chose to take advantage of your own private nameservers, please also refer to your welcome email for their details.

If You Are Switching from Another Host, Please Read This

Switching from another host requires:

  1. Your files.
  2. An ftp client.

If you have no clue what ftp is, you either need to:

  • Spend some time learning it.

or the much easier method:

  • Hire a web professional who can.

If you are hosting your files somewhere else, simply ask your current host for a backup. You are lucky if that backup turns out to be a cPanel one. Our technicians agree to restore only cPanel backups and don't seem to change their minds in the near future. Thus be ready to do it yourself if your luck lets you down.

Using the username and password mentioned in your welcome email, you can immediately connect via FTP and start uploading files. If you have just signed up, it will take some time for the domain name to propagate so you will need to connect via IP address. This is also mentioned in your welcome email.

Controlling Your Account with cPanel

This requires

  1. Your FTP Host Address
  2. Your cPanel account name
  3. cPanel password.

If you are a new user, we recommend that you spend some time learning cPanel. cPanel is the control panel we provide, that allows you to control all of the functionality of your account online. From creating email addresses to viewing your web statistics, cPanel is the place where this is done. While cPanel is intuitive and self explanatory for the most part, we do recommend you download the cPanel manual to refer to in case you run into difficulty: Manual
Also you can download user's guides at us cPanel manual and cPanel user manual

If your domain registrar already pointed your domain towards our servers, you're set to set up Cpanel at (where is your own domain name). If you are just waiting for your domain to propagate, you can access Cpanel at https://serverip/cpanel/ (where serverip is the Server IP address mentioned in your welcome email).

Problems Reaching Your Site? Check In and See What's Up at WHB

Our target uptime is 99.9% each month and our norm is 100%. However, please remember that this is a shared hosting environment. We do what we can to keep the servers up and feeling good, but if one user runs a malicious script, it can potentially cause slow performance or downtime on a server. Please check into our Forum if you ever have problems. We have an experienced team whose sole purpose is to make sure you won't have to check these, but we provide them just in case.

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